G7 Animation is the culmination of years of expert experience in the animation business and merges the talents of Tom Tataranowicz, Deborah Zak, Leila Tilghman, Dennis Venizelos, Lou Scheimer, Bernie Wrightson, Bob Kline, Bob Schaefer, Rik Maki, Dick Sebast, Rich Arons, and Ed Wexler. 

    According to Tom Tataranowicz, “I originally created Tom T. Animation eleven years ago, but saw the unique opportunity to bring together some of the industry’s top talents in order to provide the highest quality for the best price anywhere – hence the birth of G7 Animation.”

    Each of the G7 talents brings a wealth of knowledge to create a client friendly atmosphere which can control cost through efficiency, experience and quality.  With over a thousand hours of TV and more than fifty feature films to our credit, not only has G7 done it all, they’ve done it extremely well.  

    Together this group has now joined forces with a focus on what really matters – controlling costs in delivering top quality animation – traditional, flash, and CGI animation.  G7 Animation manages every stage, from pre through post production, including bilingual series; the creation of original ideas and the development of revenue stream for ancillary markets. 

    Contact us, set up an appointment, and see how G7 can supply the “best talent in the world at the best price anywhere.”




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